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Mandie Murphree, A Louisiana native, and currently resides in Austin, Texas. She attended Louisiana State University for her undergrad, and later went on to Westwood College where she received her BBA and majored in Fashion Merchandising. She has over ten years of experience in management and eight years in the makeup and fashion industry. Along with a vast portfolio of makeup clients, she has experience in personal styling and has had the opportunity to work alongside celebrity stylist Cat Wennekamp Tapper on a high fashion rebrand shoot.

She has had a successful career being a regional merchandise coordinator for brands such as Rebecca Taylor, Under Armour and most recently traveled the U.S. to merchandise for Nike and Adidas. She has also worked with multiple brands in the beauty industry, including Sebastian and Nixon and has adopted a strong conviction for vegan botanical based products. 

Today, she is the owner, head makeup artist and stylist at Mandalin Collective. Along with this, she had helped several CEO’s refine their business model, branding and assisted them with their ventures.

Mandalin Collective was birthed in December of 2016. After establishing relationships and becoming friends with so many clients' and their families, she wanted to create a business that felt personal. “I love to help people feel the best they can feel, and I wanted to put people right at the center of things!” At Mandalin Collective, we strive to provide an intimate experience with each of our clients. Mandie and her team’s goal is to help you see the beauty that already exists within you, and to help you bring your personality and style to life through skincare, nutrition, makeup and styling.

We utilize brands with ethical and fair trade practices, and help our clients adopt products that are Vegan, botanical, and Gluten-Free.

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