"Mandie did a phenomenal job on my makeup trial! I received so many compliments and recommended her to everyone I know. She covered all the parts I wanted and helped my favorites parts shine. She was also super easy to work with and flexible with my schedule! I can't wait to see my bridal portraits and wedding day pictures with her beautiful artistry!" -Julie B.

"In the summer of 2016 I found out I had a mild case of Rosacea. I had to quit using all the skincare that I had and find something that was compatible for my condition. Mandie recommended that I use for my cleanser the Arbonne Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser. My moisturizer is The Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream and my eye cream is the R9 Advanced. I have been using these products faithfully for about a year. It has worked for me. Recently I started getting compliments on my skin. They said, ‘What are you doing for your skin?’ I said I use Arbonne. They said, ‘Your complexion is flawless.’ It is beautiful. So if anyone out there deals with this skin condition, Arbonne works!! -Monique S.

"My favorite Arbonne product is the makeup powder. I have used many different lines of makeup before and nothing has compared to the powder Arbonne offers. I could wear it without any foundation on and feel like every single one of my imperfections is covered. It also feels so light and like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. It never irritates my skin and I always get compliments on how flawless my face looks while wearing it." -Sharon M.

"Mandie and her team at Mandalin Collective have a knack for detailed work at a quick pace. Voeux / Company is thankful for Mandalin Collective's organized work ethic and gorgeous results for 'on-the-go' type events and representing an even more beautiful group of spirited people who bring out the best of their clients hearts as well as their faces." - Jake R.

"I'm obsessed with the concealer. Game changer!" -Stacy C

"I really liked that I could build my own kit with Arbonne!" -Tiffany S.

"I love the citrusy smell and how Arbonne makes me feel super fresh before I go to bed! And I always wake up with the softest skin and it always feels super moisturized!"-Shelby S.

"Thanks so much to Mandie for introducing me to Arbonne! Everyday I feel like I hit a wall of exhaustion from being a mom, on top of working. But these fizz sticks make my workdays much more manageable. I don't want to remember what life was like before them! I also purchased the concealer and it changed my life. I get tons of compliments and Mandie was able to match my skin perfectly!" -Ashley Moody

"Mandie is absolutely a joy to work with! She listens to what you are wanting and creates your vision! I will book Mandie for any future events!!!! I was so pleased with her work!" - Beth M.

"I recently booked my daughter's 1 year photo shoot for my little family. I was dreading it as I haven't really been able to lose the baby weight, acne popped up and I was just feeling terrible about myself. That's when Mandie swooped in. First of all, the person supposed to do my hair got sick and couldn't make it. When I told Mandie, she literally said "Girl - I've got you" - without having even met me. I wanted a beach curl and Mandie got right to work as soon as she got to my house. She works quickly and she nailed it. Up until that point I felt nervous, anxious and like I just didn't want to be in front of a camera. I own 3 pieces of makeup and barely know how to use any of them, so getting my makeup done is very far out of my element. Mandie was so easy to talk to and made me feel so comfortable, like the whole experience was just hanging out with a friend. She did an amazing job and made me feel beautiful. It completely rejuvenated me and I couldn't stop smiling in all my photos! The only part of the day that wasn't fantastic was having to wash my makeup off at the end of it - I tried to extend the day as long as I could! I haven't felt that good about myself in a very long time. I will now very confidently recommend Mandie to anyone who needs their makeup done!"- Jaime W.