Assistant Services

Let’s be honest….

We all could use an assistant now. Even with all the planning and reminder apps, technology has become more of a side hustle then an assistant for your busy life.

We are SO EXCITED to launch our newest addition to our other wonderful services.

Let us be your personal assistant. Whether it’s a project you need us to run errands for, a business meeting you need us to help organize, a luncheon (we can style you and assist you ;) ) you aren’t prepared for….or that’s right, your wedding weekend, that you just need someone “on call for”.

Mandie has several years experience working directly with CEO’s on a daily basis. From CEO’s in the wedding industry, digital marketing industry, smart home arena, real estate industry and even the blogging industry. Mandie has earned the nickname “Mandie on the spot” for her quick resolution to any issues that arrive during the festivities. Mandie can help with any event, it doesn’t have to be a wedding. She would love to meet you and see how she can removes some of your worries and make things run a little smoother for you!

Assistant Services Starting at $25 an hour (dependent on scope of the project)